Music For Lifelong Achievement is a non-profit organization with 501c3 accreditation through our affiliation with the Sheldon Arts Foundation in St. Louis, Missouri. Your tax-deductible donation of used instruments --- and much-needed funds to refurbish those instruments and help provide school and community programs with music accessories such as sheet music, strings and reeds -- helps MFLA as we work to make the joy of music accessible to every child.


Do you have a musical instrument sitting unused your basement, attic or closet? Donate it to MFLA and receive a tax deduction for the value of the instrument!

Contact the MFLA Chapter in your area, or contact MFLA in St. Louis.


Budget cuts in education have hit school music programs especially hard. Reductions in government grants and corporate funding have also adversely affected community music programs. You can help! Your cash donation to MFLA will help us in our efforts to make music more accessible to disadvantaged young people. Guitar strings, reeds for wind instruments, sheet music and instrument repair all need your suport. Click here to Donate.

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Contribute a musical instrument or much-needed funds for instrument repair and necessary accessories.

Teachers – find out what instruments are available and how your school can obtain instruments for your students.

Find out how to join a chapter in your community -- or start a MFLA chapter if there isn't one in your area.